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Adi is 32 years old, graduate of the fashion and Jewelry Design department in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design,  Jerusalem, Israel.  Adi is an Israeli fashion designer and owner of the boutique brand ADI RAFFELD PODHORZER, which operates in the Israeli and International designing field. The unique designs of ADI RAFFELD PODHORZER include fashion, Jewelry and a large variety of spectacular ornaments. Adi creates clothing items and Jewelry, and professionalizes in unique printing techniques which grant each item with an individual and unique look, one of a kind.

“In my work I choose to use unconventional materials such as Perspex, Leather, Aluminum, Plastic and various materials. All items are hand crafted by me, from the designing stage to the final production. One of the essential factors in my design is to create items with high presence and a strong impression of jewelry and cloths that are weightless and comfortable to wear.”

“There is a special dynamic between what our eyes vision and the materials I choose to design with. The term “Art to Wear” accompanies me through the entire designing process”, says Adi.

“The Mezuzha collection was designed as a natural continuation for my fashion styling work. I was always attracted to the world of Judaica, and I wished to create a unique expression of it with my artistic interpretation.”

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